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Celebrating 10 Years!

This site has been operating for 20 years and counting! This page commemorates the most recent re-launch of this site in November, 2013.

To commemorate the occasion, the entire site has been rebuilt from the ground up. This brings it in line with current standards, and provides a long-overdue makeover. Here's some of the new features:

  • Larger content area (because it's not 2001 anymore!)
  • Cleaner design using more CSS and fewer images
  • Fully compliant HTML5 and CSS3
  • CSS Sprites cut down on page load time
  • Snazzy Google Fonts are easy on the eyes
  • Some jQuery and JS libraries for fun
  • Web server is Nginx instead of Apache ('bout time!)
  • Moved hosting to a new server in a new data centre
  • Tested with the five major browsers as of Q4 2013 (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari)
  • Way more content than the previous site, and most of the existing content has been rewritten
  • Numerous optimizations to help make the site snappier

When the site was originally launched back in 2001, I never expected that it would ever be anything more than just a simple homepage for myself. In fact, it only had some basic information and a blog and that was about it. It took a few years, but in 2003, I finally performed the first major revision, launching a site that resembles the one you see today.

On July 14, 2006 I re-launched a revamped version of the site which focused on a recode of the aging backend that addressed the way the site was originally coded, and brought it inline with the current programming standards. But again, the site's design largely remained unchanged.

In 2011, after six more years had elapsed, I finally got so sick of looking at the same design for so long that I relented and decided to tackle a major overhaul. By this time, the site was ancient and engrained in 2000's-era design using tables. Although my skills had kept pace with the advance of technology, due to overwhelming personal, professional, family and other obligations I had neglected the site and it was long-overdue for a change.

However, a few weeks later I discovered that the company I worked for was being bought out, and I was one of several people being laid off as my position would become redundant. Once again, the unfinished page was relegated to the backburner as more pressing issues now required my attention. In 2012 I restarted the site overhaul, and made several major steps forward at this point, revamping the design and making the important move from XHTML to HTML5.

Finally in November 2013, I again addressed the task of completing the still-incomplete site resdesign. After a monumental effort I finally completed the page that you are now enjoying. This story underscores that even a relatively simple task can be undermined by life's usual obligations, but a labour of love will always seem so much more rewarding in the end!

So go forth, and enjoy this site. Feel free to point out any issues or omissions, and drop me a note if you feel the need.


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