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As part of their employee compensation they allowed me to host a server in their data centre, so I moved the site there where it ran until the company closed in 2009.

Following that, the site was then hosted at another Vancouver data centre, AEBC, Where the magic happensWhere the magic happens where it ran for many years until it was moved to a server at the Cologix facility in Harbour Centre in Vancouver, BC. The site ran from there for awhile until I moved it to a VPS in 2014 to reduce expenses. In 2015 it was moved back to the same server, but now hosted at the Cologix VAN2 facility.

This site, like all websites I build, was constructed entirely by hand. All of the HTML and CSS is coded using my favourite text editors Textpad and Vim (although I have been known to use other editors on occasion).

I intentionally avoided using frameworks such as Bootstrap (for many reasons). My design goal focuses on trying to make as much of the site's content static, compact, and easily cacheable. The site only interacts with a database (MariaDB in this case) only when absolutely necessary, and the results are almost always cached (using Memcached) for efficiency.

Ever since I learned HTML in 1994, I have always built sites using only a text editor. Although I did try using WSYSIG design tools several years later, I always felt I was able to do a far better job without them. For graphics I use Photoshop and Gimp, although I'm not really a graphics design expert.

On the software side of things, I use Nginx, Memcached, MariaDB, Redis, Varnish, PHP and APC. Although I have historically used MySQL, this was the first site I built that used MariaDB, and I intend to eventually replace MySQL with MariaDB on all of the other websites I operate. The server runs FreeBSD, my favourite operating system.

There are several libraries in use on this site (some of them slightly modified) to lend some extra visual effects and/or usability to the site. These include jQuery, Prism, PrettyPhoto, Disqus, Modernizr and Google Fonts.

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This site was constructed entirely by hand { more info }
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