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About this site

Some background on the site, and all the gory details!

This site has been a long time in the making, stretching back well over a decade. It's been through a lot of revisions and a lot has changed over the years, but I have made an effort to try and keep the page relatively current - time permitting, of course.

This latest version moves the site to HTML5 and even rolls in some CSS3 and jQuery for some visual effects and to help cut down on code complexity. As HTML5 is still considered experimental at the moment and I don't want to alienate folks using older browsers, I have tried to make productive design choices and I have tested the site with all of the mainstream browsers as of Q3 2013.

Part of the reasoning for adopting HTML5 is that the standard is nearly complete and I am hoping that I can tout the benefits of HTML5 and to encourage those who can upgrade to a modern browser to do so.

Before Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger and Youtube, if you wanted a presence on the web you had to build one yourself. Most folks gravitated towards Geocities, Angelfire or Tripod for hosting their personal home pages; I myself had several pages on Geocities in the mid-90's (including what's left of this one). However, the real techy folks (such as myself) wanted to run their own sites on their own domains, and usually on their own servers.

The original version of this site dates back to 1996, which was hosted at Geocities.com (now long defunct). Later, when a friend subscribed to the @Home cable internet service, we set up a web server on his home computer which ran several websites including this one.

In 1999, I started iaNett and for the first time had access to real servers and bandwidth, and I hosted the site on a server there during that time. The web server we were using was running Windows NT, using a HTTP server called OmniHTTPd.

After iaNett was forced to shut down in 2001, I moved the site to another server run by my cousin, Shone where it ran until 2003, when I began work at a company called Data Fortress Group.

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