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Raspberry Pi Stratum 1 Time Server

Before we begin, be sure that you have your GPS hardware connected correctly. I assume that you are using a GPS module that interfaces with your RPI via TTL and offers a dedicated PPS output. If you have a USB or a GPS module without a PPS output, you'll need to look elsewhere for help.

For reference, I have tried this with two GPS modules: the Adafruit Ultimate GPS and a Reyax RYN25AI module with a UBlox MAX-7C (although the MAX-7Q would be a better choice)

Wire your GPS module to your RPI like so: GND -> pin 6, VCC -> pin 4, RX -> pin 8, TX -> pin 10, PPS -> pin 12

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo rpi-update
sudo reboot
sudo apt-get remove -y chrony ntp
sudo apt-get install -y pps-tools libcap-dev bison libtomcrypt0 libtommath0 timelimit \
libtomcrypt-dev libedit-dev libeditline-dev libreadline-dev lsof git vnstat htop
sudo vim /boot/config.txt

Add the following lines:

sudo vim /etc/modules

Add the following line:

vim /boot/cmdline.txt

Edit the line and remove any references to the serial console, eg:

sudo systemctl stop serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service
sudo systemctl disable serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service

Note: on the RPI3, you will need to use ttyS0.service instead of ttyAMA0.service

And reboot

sudo reboot

Make sure PPS is working

ppstest /dev/pps0

trying PPS source "/dev/pps0"
found PPS source "/dev/pps0"
ok, found 1 source(s), now start fetching data...
source 0 - assert 1483403850.000001320, sequence: 14846 - clear  0.000000000, sequence: 0
source 0 - assert 1483403851.000001652, sequence: 14847 - clear  0.000000000, sequence: 0
source 0 - assert 1483403852.000000984, sequence: 14848 - clear  0.000000000, sequence: 0

Test GPS

cat /dev/ttyAMA0
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