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Raspberry Pi ENC28J60 Ethernet

If you need to add an ethernet interface to a Raspberry Pi model without onboard Ethernet, the obvious approach is to use a USB-ethernet adapter (NB the RPI model B ethernet just uses a USB-ethernet chip anyway). However, if you're using an Raspberry Pi Zero and the only USB port is used by something else, or you need a lower-cost option, you can try the the low-cost Microchip ENC28j60 ethernet controller, which with a few components easily connects to the SPI port on the RPI. The RPI also handily includes a built-in driver for this chip, making this an easy project.

ENC28j60 Pin RPI Pin Name RPI Pin #
3v3 17
sudo vim /boot/config.txt

Add the following line:


Then reboot.

When the RPi finishes booting, your new ethernet interface should be active!

lsmod | grep enc28j60

enc28j60               18413  0
dmesg | grep enc28j60

[    3.254954] enc28j60 spi0.0: enc28j60 Ethernet driver 1.02 loaded
[    3.262417] net eth1: enc28j60 driver registered

And of course, your new interface will be listed when you run ifconfig.

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