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An Introduction to Geocaching

Finding your first geocache (continued)

If you take a trackable from a cache, you must absolutely do the following: First, you must mention in both the paper log and the online log that you retrieved the trackable from the cache it was in (don't mention the tracking number though - more on this later).

Next, head to the trackables page on geocaching.com and enter the tracking code. Select "Found it? Log it!" and much like logging a geocache, you will be prompted to enter a note and select a log type. In this case you will want to select "Retrieve it from cache" which will then move the trackable item into your inventory.

Then, after dropping it off in another cache, when logging the cache you dropped the trackable in, scroll down and select the trackable as "Dropped Off" before submitting your log. Of course, you should also mention in the log that you dropped off the trackable, and you should also make note of it in the paper log in the cache as well.

If you didn't take the trackable but instead left it in the cache, you can still log it as "discovered". This allows you to contribute to your collection of trackables that you and others can see in your profile. To log a trackable as discovered, head to the trackables page on geocaching.com and enter the tracking code. For the log type, simply select "Discovered", enter your log and you're done.

Trackables can be a lot of fun to discover, move and collect and deserves much more that the cursory introduction presented here. To find out more about logging, moving and discovering trackables, visit this page.

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