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Important Firefox Plugins

I consider these plugins absolutely essential to my Firefox experience.

  • Calomel SSL Validation
    Provides important security details about the web site you are visiting, and allows you to tweak some security/performance aspects of Firefox.
  • Firebug
    An extremely useful tool to assist with web development and debugging.
  • U2F Support Add-on
    For some unknown reason U2F support isn't built into Firefox like it is with Chrome. I use this with my HyperFido token to provide 2FA support on sites like Github.
  • SixOrNot
    A handy tool that reports the IPv4/IPv6 addresses of the website you are visiting.
  • NoScript
    An awesome and highly recommended tool to provide a first line of defense against malicious websites and to block annoying cruft like ads and aggressive javascript.
  • HTTPS Everywhere
    Automatically enables encryption on websites that support HTTPS but don't enforce it.
  • UnMHT
    Allows you to create and open MHT documents - this awesome feature should be built into Firefox.
  • JSONovich
    Pretty prints JSON data in the browser.
  • FireFox Password Exporter
    Allows exporting of saved passwords.

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