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Pretty much every day I am experimenting, tinkering or building something. And at any given time, I'll be working on multiple projects at once. Sometimes I discover things that I feel I should share, so in my more inspired moments I try and put down these thoughts and experiences so I can share with others. Here are some of the articles, tutorials, guides, walkthroughs and reviews I have written.

PHP vs ASP (May 22, 2003)
This is a very old article (circa 2003) that debates the usefulness of Microsoft's ASP against the might of the (then upcoming) PHP scripting language. [ read >> ]

An introduction to Geocaching (Aug 19, 2011 - updated Oct 30, 2013)
Most people have never heard of geocaching, and this article provides a gentle introduction to this interesting and innovative sport. [ read >> ]

Preparing Lock & Locks for Geocaching use (Feb 2009)
Readily available airtight kitchen containers are becoming more commonly used as geocache containers. But with a little extra effort, you can turn an ordinary plasic box into a swank geocache! [ read >> ]

The Problem With Single Page Applications (Apr 2017)
Single Page Applications are cool, but they should only be used in some situations. This article explores the pro's and con's of SPAs [ read >> ]

Miscellaneous Articles

Raspberry Pi Projects (Jan 2, 2017)
Documenting my experiments with Raspberry Pi's

Important Firefox Plugins (Jan 2, 2017)
Important and useful Firefox Plugins

Install Vim on FreeBSD (Feb 15, 2015)
Installing Vim on FreeBSD is pretty simple; here's how to do it.

Convert a document to Unicode (Dec 27, 2014)
Convert a text file from virtually any encoding to unicode.

Disable Teredo on Windows (Dec 19, 2014)
Disable Teredo, ISATAP and 6to4 tunneling mechanisms on Windows.

MariaDB 5.5 on Centos (May 12, 2014)
How to install MariaDB 5.5 on CentOS 6.5

Cheatsheet: Self Signed Certificates (Jun 18, 2014)
A quick walkthrough for generating a self-signed certificate.

Cheatsheet: Dump or Restore a MySQL or MariaDB Database (Nov 8, 2013)
Dump or restore a MySQL or MariaDB database from the command line.

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