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About Me

The Condensed History of iaNett

Page 6: In retrospect

The search engine project that came to a grinding halt in late 2000 during the collapse of the dot-com bubble never again saw the light of day; my dream was lost in a series of events beyond my control that set the stage for, and ultimately drove a stake through the heart of this project.

In the wake of our failure, the success of Google undoubtedly underscores the tragedy of this story. Here were two projects, unbeknownst to each other, both starting at roughly the same time and seeking to achieve roughly the same goal. This is no doubt proof that not just hard work and a good idea are fundamental to success: a number of fortuitous events coincided to make Google into the company they are today, while we floundered and were ultimately forced to abandon our quest. Despite this, I don't view my experiences with iaNett negatively; Google's success highlights what could have been for us had we not been forestalled in our efforts.

I often dreamt of doing many of the things Google has since done, and I laud Google for their achievements. I was criticized many times for having inordinately grandeur plans or proposing ideas that had the "wow factor" but didn't necessarily have much business merit. It now gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that I was in fact on the right track when so many naysayers told me otherwise.

Today there is little evidence left of my foray into the corporate world: A few lingering archived copies of press releases, a few historical mentions, and this page. To this day I have no knowledge if any of the source code for the search engine survived, although it wouldn't have any value today if it did. I have only a few pieces of memorabilia from that era including some business cards, letterheads and a few photos. The stock, which was ultimately the only thing of value remaining, was rendered worthless when it was halted in 2006. In the end, I made nothing more than a few months salary from the endeavour, although my experiences proved to not only serve as a valuable life lesson but also formed the foundation of my present and future business endeavours.

For me, iaNett was both an adventure and an exercise in the business world. There are countless lessons that I learned during my time with iaNett; lessons that I could not have learnt otherwise. But in spite of the fact that the search engine was basically shelved all the time and effort that I put into it has not been for nothing; after all, I learned more from my experiences that I ever could have if I had spent that time in school or at some menial job, and that knowledge will be with me for the rest of my life.

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